Has anyone else applied to Frontier class 103?

  1. I am sending my application in tonight. Wondering if anyone else is applying to this class. i am going FNP route.
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  3. by   honeykrown
    I Just sent in my packet on Wed. Hopefully we are in the same class
  4. by   RNewbie
    I will be applying to a class this year, not sure which one yet. Just curious, on the application did you guys include your date of birth and the demographic questions: gender, marital status, and if you live in a rural area? Those responses are optional or you can choose "no response." I think I will answer them but just curious if others answered.

    Good luck and keep us posted on when you hear from Frontier!
  5. by   honeykrown
    I did answer everything on the application. i take it they use it as stats.
  6. by   spudster
    I DID include all of the optional info. I know that Frontier is really focused on bringing healthcare to rural underserved areas. I am from a rural underserved area and will be practicing in this type of area. Therefore, I wanted to let them know this in case it makes a difference. I will keep you posted on the application process as I get info. Good luck on your application.
  7. by   RNewbie
    Okay, thanks. I'm in the process of trying to find ppl to proof read my essays. Most colleges have writing centers but you have to be enrolled as a student. I'm going to check with the public libraries to see if they offer such services.
  8. by   luvmy3grls
    I applied to 102. Good luck
  9. by   honeykrown
    Luvmy3grls have you been accepted yet. I know it will be a while to be called but i'm just anxious about if i will get in or not
  10. by   luvmy3grls
    Havent heard yet. I sent my packet in last wed. Im sure it will take a bit. I applied to less competitive programs and was in accepted in less than 48hrs. So Im guessing it wont be too much longer than that. Which class did you apply to?
  11. by   honeykrown
    I applied to class 103 FNP...i wasn't aware there was a 102
  12. by   luvmy3grls
    102 is a Bridge class.
  13. by   luvmy3grls
    I know I replied to this but it doesnt seem to wanna show up! lol 102 is a bridge, after that im going FNP.
  14. by   luvmy3grls
    ahh. there it is