Has anyone else applied to Frontier class 103? - page 4

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I am sending my application in tonight. Wondering if anyone else is applying to this class. i am going FNP route.... Read More

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    It means when you are typing that specific essay they should be able to differentiate between your introduction of self and your goal as a practitioner. It's one

    then the second part is how you will incoporate your life style into graduate studies . Hope this helps
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    Thanks for the clarification. I presumed that's what they meant, but I just wanted to make sure before I submitted it. I'm applying for FNP Class 107. Getting ready to send in my packet!! Hope I get in.
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    Good luck. I am FNP 103
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    I'm in N400 with Laura Hollywood Summer 2012 right now. I understand that class 102 is in there also as group C. I'm non-matric, so I'm not accepted yet. Hopefully this is the last class I need to take before being considered for Master's level entry. Are you in that class???