Has anyone else applied to Frontier class 103? - page 3

I am sending my application in tonight. Wondering if anyone else is applying to this class. i am going FNP route.... Read More

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    That sounds good. Mine were two BSN peers and one MSN peer. One of them was above me in seniority at work. I later gave two additional refs from two supervisors. Good luck to you!

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    I got in!!!! I will be there in May. Good luck to everybody
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    Congratulations...thats good news

    I am still waiting on the class 103. will let you all know
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    I am officially in. I will be attending Frontier Nursing University in class 103 in the CFNP path.
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    I also got accepted. I am in for frontier class CFNP 103. Spudster see you in June
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    LoveMy3Girls - I was also accepted to Bridge Class #102. Exciting, isn't it?

    See you in May! I'll probably be the only dude there. Ha!
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    There were 5 "dudes" in my class- and now there are 4. Class 92
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    Hi! I'm applying for FNP class 107. I have a question about the 1st essay. They want info about yourself and your goals as an NP, but it says type seperately. I guess I'm confused, do they want two seperate essays for the 1st one? Any help would be appreciated.
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    I understood it as type essay 1 and 2 separately, not separate essay 1 into 2 parts. I only wrote the 2 essays but have not submitted anything so I'm not sure. The wording is somewhat confusing.

    Did everyone else who has submitted apps just write the 2 essays? Thanks.

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