Going from Clinical Nurse Leader to a NP?

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    If I were to get a MSN to become a Clinical Nurse Leader, how would I become a gerontological nurse practitioner? I have read that you can complete certificates, but I have not been able to find any information on this. I think that I am not searching the right phrase, because I'm stuck on how to go from a CNL to a gerontological NP. (There are many programs that offer the CNL in my area, so I am planning to get this MSN degree, but then switching to NP.) I feel that having a MSN would give me an advantage. Also, I am not sure if I would have to complete another MSN (in order to get the NP) if I am already a CNL.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Why not go straight into gerontological NP if that is your end goal instead of getting a MSN as a CNL? Most schools offer post-master certficates if you already have a MSN. Just got to go the individual school that offer a GNP program and see if they offer a post-master certificate for GNP (but I want to say that to get a post master cert for any NP specialty you need to already have a NP master). For example Drexel University offers a FNP post master certificate if you already have a MSN. In your situation im not sure what a CNL master course entails but you may need to get another MSN to be a GNP.

    Post-Master Family Nurse Practitioner - Division of Graduate Nursing
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    If you are getting ANY MSN, you can then get a post- MSN certificate. For instance, my MSN concentration is management and leadership. However, I went back and picked up a post- MSN adult CNS which included taking the three-Ps, + 600 hours of clinical. Then, a few years later, I went back and did another post-MSN peds CNS which included taking the three P's yet again and 550 hours of clinical.
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    Just recently, our hospital(here in UAE) has selected staff including me to become clinical leaders where the primary role is to identify clinical issues, develop a process and implement it thru evidence-based interventions and evaluate afterwards. Any expert clinicians who can help me to formulate a needs analysis or ways to collect and cross-analyze clinical issues? Any format you can share to me? A huge thanks!!!!
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    OP, you are looking for a post-master's certification/certificate. They do exist, many are for FNP.
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    Thanks for the replies! It's definitely clearer now.
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    TraumaRUs - I'm looking at doing around the same thing. I would like to get my MSN in Leadership now from WGU to be better in my current position. Then later, when I am able to give more of my time and commitment return for a post-MSN NP certificate. If you don't mind me asking, what colleges did you attend?
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    No problem. I did my ADN to BSN and then BSN to MSN at University of Phoenix. I did two post-MSN CNS certificates at a local college of nursing in central IL.
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    No problem. I did my ADN to BSN and then BSN to MSN at University of Phoenix. I did two post-MSN CNS certificates at a local college of nursing in central IL.
    Great, thanks! Its encouraging to hear you went to a more non-traditional college for your MSN but return to a local school for post-MSN & didn't have trouble. Thanks for sharing.
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    No problem. I have had absolutely no issues with my UofP education.

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