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Hello everyone, I have not been able to find a thread for Fall 2013 Georgetown applicants! So I am hoping that I did not look over any, and if I did, please let me know so that I can join in. I applied to the Georgetown's... Read More

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    Hi one of my BFFs applied for June, 2013 cohort. She just called and told me her application was submitted for review by faculty this afternoon.

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    I was curious about this program do you have to find your own clinical areas and preceptors.
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    From what I have been told RNtoFNPMSN they find the clinical preceptors for you. I will let you know if I hear otherwise.
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    Anyone hear anything back for June yet?
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    Woo! I got an email yesterday that I was accepted into the FNP program for the September, 9, 2013 start!!
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    That is great jenny.j!! So happy for you, I am working on my application right now. Hopefully we will be in the same cohort, I will let you know when I hear something!
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    Jenny - was this your first time applying?? CONGRATS !!! I bet your stoked
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    Jenny J
    I am just finishing up applying for the Fall 2013 cohort. Congrats on getting in!

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    Congrats Jenny.j!!! I am also applying for the September start this year (for part time, not full time) my application was complete and sent to faculty on April 4th. How long did it take you to receive a decision after you were notified that your application was sent to the faculty. I have my fingers crossed! Thanks!
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    Mine was complete 3/29 , I too am anxiously waiting !!

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