Georgetown FNP June 2013 cohort

  1. Hi! I was just accepted into Georgetown's FNP June 2013 cohort and hoping to meet others who will be part of this cohort as well. Is there anyone else who is as excited and nervous as I am to begin this new journey?
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  3. by   CuteJennRN
    Hi CajunRN!

    I'm starting in June for the online FNP as well, part-time.

    Where do you live? What's your current work schedule like? Have a family?

    I'm so nervous but excited to start! I live in SOCAL, work full time & have a little bitty baby (1 month!) I'm anxious about all the responsibilities that the program will add but excited! I hope we can support each other through this :-) it'll be tough, but so worth it!

    What scholarship programs, if any, have you looked into? The nurse corps looks great but doesn't accept online programs.
  4. by   CajunRN1
    Congrats on getting accepted and your brand new baby! I am from Southwest Louisiana but now live in Southeast Texas. I am currently working part time as a home health nurse but plan to quit working once the program starts. I am in the full time program and the advisor said to expect to spend 80 plus hours a week on course work and lectures! Yikes! I am married and have two children, my daughter is 12 and step son is 10. My plans are to focus on school work during the day while the kids are at school and the hubby is at work and hopefully be able to find some time to spend with the family in the evenings.

    I haven't looked into scholarships yet but have applied for financial aid. I don't think I will be eligible for any grants but will look into the student loans that they offer. We have always paid for my tuition thus far so I am new to this but there is no way we can afford to pay Georgetown's tuition on our own, especially if I step down from my position.

    I, too, am hoping to find support throughout the program but I haven't heard of anyone on this board, until you, who is starting in June. Have you logged into Georgetown's 2GU yet? There are some social groups that I have joined such as "Moms @ Georgetown" and "Future FNPs". Check it out...they even have groups for most states and big cities that you can connect with!
  5. by   RRB71
    I have applied to start Georgetown's CNM/WHNP program June application is being reviewed by faculty as of April 22nd. One thing I am curious about (as I have checked MYACCESS on their website and now have a deposit payment availability) did you also have this change on MYACCESS that you noticed before you received your decision email? This is driving me bonkers! I want this sooooo bad ;-)
  6. by   RRB71
    I have the best update ever!!! I received my acceptance email this afternoon!! WOOHOO!! I wonder if we will be in the same core classes starting June 24th?
  7. by   CajunRN1
    Yay!! Woohoo! Congrats! I know how stressful it is waiting for a decision That
    would be awesome if we are in some of the same core classes together!
  8. by   RRB71
    CajunRN - I live just east of Baton Rouge. I am enrolled in the part time CNM/WHNP program. Thanks for the congrats and I wish you all the best in your studies!! I will look for you once classes start on the school website!
  9. by   RoyalPrince
    Hey guys, GWU also starting in June FNP part time.. please keep updating!
  10. by   Mangoeater
    Hi! I will also be starting at Georgetown this June, in the FNP full time program. I agree with you guys, it would be great to support each other through this! I just finished an online accelerated BSN program, and it was great to have a small group of us connected on Facebook - we were able to help each other find due dates, grading rubrics, etc...
    I am new on this site, but am going to try and figure out how to private message you all to see if we could network and set us up a group for questions we would like to ask each other.
  11. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Just curious how ya'll are doing in your classes? I am in the process of applying for March/April 2014 cohort =) I'm hoping for full time program and quitting work if accepted, as I"ll have the GI bill and student loans...will be hard to make it financially for 18 mo but we will manage somehow...hopefully I can apply for foodstamps LOL =) Just seeign if you all stayed in the full time program and what it is like?