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Hi all, I am thinking about applying to Frontier for the FNP Program. While I have read and heard great things about the midwifery program, I haven't heard much about the FNP Program. I would... Read More

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    Happy New Year everyone! I will be applying to class 125 and had a question in regards to the portfolio. I'm STUCK lol. the questions seem simple but I don't know what they are looking for. I have a ADN and I'm applying for the direct entry program ( have a bachelors and master in another discipline). Did anyone complete there portfolio portion and can give some pointers on how to answer the questions. The deadline is Jan 25 and I just found out about the school so I'm in a mad dash. Any information/insight would help.

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    I am very interested in Frontiers WHNP-CNM program! I am obtaining my MSN in leadership and management right now but I miss OB nursing so much I know I want to end up back in that field! Please let me know if frontier is still the best place to be! Anybody from VA that has gone through this program? Any helps appreciated
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    Frontier has an excellent program, and yes they still have the dual program you are interested in. I think "best place" is a personal decision as it has to take into account many personal issues that make that program best for you. The reason there are multiple different programs, with multiple different offerings is because there are so many different nurses with unique situations and each program is tailored to meet the needs of a unique group of students.

    FNU is very focused on the rural provider and of course towards women's health. Personally, I'm not oriented towards women's health, and at times it's a bit frustrating that so many assignments or discussions are related to women's health, but I am from a very rural location, and the FNP education is still top notch for all populations. And quite frankly, even though I don't expect women or children to be the primary focus of my practice, it is important that I understand these populations as well, so I don't mind as much as some others.
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    Hi can you tell me more about the structure of the program. I am interested in the nurse midwifery program. As far as lectures do doe you stream into live classes or are recorded lectures posted online as the semester progresses?
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    Some sessions are recorded for viewing at the students convenience, others are live sessions that are also recorded and posted for the later viewing by students who were unable to attend. Each professor runs their class a little differently, some classes I use the live sessions, other classes I never even watch them after they are recorded and posted, as I get the material some other way.

    I think with all distance education, and much B&M schooling as well, you get out of it what you put into it. They offer so many different ways to learn the same material, books, recorded lectures, live sessions, links to material the professors have found useful, private question and answer sessions, etc., there really is no excuse for not understanding except that you wanted it spoon fed to you or didn't want to put in the time and effort to learn. On top of that I have a group of cohorts, who have been in every class with me, and with whom I am close friends with. We all assist each other on an almost daily basis. If someone isn't getting something, we will help each other out. FNU tries to build a community feeling with your "class" so that you have others to rely on, and I think we have something really nice in that. I believe the midwifery students have some hush-hush, top secret, what is the secret passcode to get in connections as well.

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