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  1. 0 I'm Thinking about applying to Frontier's FNP program and was looking on the admission web page to get some info. They recommend/suggest getting recommendations from NPs but I was going to get my recommendations from a co-worker and two managers - none of whom are NPs. Is is ok? Or do they really want NP recommendations? Thx!
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    I've never heard of a school telling you who to get professional recommendations from! Mine were from my advisor, my director of nursing, a podiatrist, and just a RN co-worker. Seemed to do the trick, luckily, bc I didn't know any NP's at the time...

    Best of luck! I'm sure your recommendations will be fine!
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    I dont believe they need recommendations from NP's. I got my recommendation from a coworker and two supervisors (my preceptor and Lead clinical) and i still got in

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