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  1. 0 I keep getting e-mails from Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and I know nothing about them which is concerning!! Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    LOL. They must have you on their email list. FPBSN is the nursing school of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. I have worked with ACNP/ANP grads from there and these NP's are excellent. However, the same NP's have worked at Cleveland Clinic prior to moving to California and working with us. Perhaps, it's their experience that added to their knowledge and skill. The school itself is considered one of the better schools in terms of reputation.
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    That's what I was wondering...Thank you.
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    Case is a great school one the top nursing schools in OHIO!
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    The same thing happened to me! I am in the process of applying to several online FNP programs, and started receiving snail mail, and email from them. I don't know anything about them, or if their program is accepted in Pennsylvania (where I live). Anybody have any thoughts on the FNP program?
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    Case is local to me, and very well reputed. However, I am not even considering it because it is sooo expensive. I know a nurse who went through their women's health NP program and was satisfied. I'm just not convinced that the program is sufficiently superior to others to warrant the cost, and I say that as a Case alumnus (from a non-nursing program).
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    I keep getting emails from them as well. Haven't looked into it. I'm wondering if they have an online or distance based NP program.

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    Agree - great reputation, way too expensive.

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