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  1. I am new to the forum, so hello everyone! I will begin clinicals this spring (at RCON in KCMO) and I am having the hardest time finding a PCP FNP for a preceptor. I have called/emailed many places and I have had NO ONE email me or call me back. I have called more than once and left more than one voicemail/email. Not sure what else to do or who else to contact..Any suggestions would be appreciated! (It's getting very frustrating).
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  3. by   MillieT
    I went to their office in person and asked to speak to the office manager. Dressed professionally. I brought a letter of introduction with me with my contact info on it, explained who I was and what I wanted to the office manager and left the letter. I followed up a week later if no response. Still had many nos.

    Does your school have a list of previous preceptors? That may help.

    Go to VA's, health depts, free clinics. Our free clinic that was on our list of previous preceptors actually turned me down due to not enough docs.

    Join your local NP association, post on their message board that you are needing a preceptor. Most have a list of people willing to precept too.

    Call your state board of nursing and see if they have a list.

    Good luck to you, it is a lot of work!
  4. by   honeykrown
    I did exactly the same thing. I called this lady on the phone and she was willing. After talking with her she directed me to a hospital with clinics. I went there that day, spoke with their manager and he accepted. I was already dressed professional, i smiled and i spoke with HR that day. My school is getting a contract signed with them for clinicals next year.

    I found that it's hard to say no to someone in person than over the phone