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Hey Everyone, I'm applying to nurse practitioner programs for Fall 2012. Anyone else out there? Maybe we can encourage each other during the process. I'm applying to: University of Arizona DNP/FNP UAB FNP USA DNP/ENP and... Read More

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    I had interviews, but since this was the first year this school had them and its also my alma mater it wasn't that bad. Unfortunately I felt the style of the interviewing left room for improvement, I went around to three different people at three separate locations within the building and answered the SAME questions. But I got in so I can't complain :-)

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    Congrats nurseaig!!!
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    Congrats jaznia15. I work with a guy who was accepted into GCSU as well.
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    Laurabs24, I did not have to interview at any of the schools I applied to.
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    Anyone apply for UTHSCSA fall 2012? Have they sent out acceptance letters yet? I no they have for there bsn program.
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    I applied for the bsn to dnp at usa with the emergency nurse specialty. I really want to get in but do not think I will. Has anyone heard anything yet?
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    I applied too, same track. I haven't heard anything yet other than the emails saying they received my applications. I don't have a good feeling about it either. Why do you think you won't get in?
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    Because my bsn gpa is a 3.5 but my overall is only a 3.0 and I have heard they always have so many applicants. I am also applying to usc in columbia. I am from anderson sc. My first two years of college I was distracted to say the least and did not do as well as I could have. I really want to get in.
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    Keep me posted if you hear anything please and I will do the same.

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