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Well, I'm due to start a psych NP program in Jan. I have been all geared up for it but realize now I'm extremely stressed out. Finishing my BSN next week, taking an online stats course then right into the MSN program. HELP! I... Read More

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    Quote from mtsteelhorse
    Thank you, ear! What a wonderful support team! I do remember you but can't recall if you're FNP or what school. Best of luck with all you're juggling. I hope you weren't too uprooted by Sandy. I know I can do it. I'm going to register for 2 classes and drop one if I need to. I want to get through this with some semblance of sanity. Let me know how you're doing!
    Drexel, PMHNP program.

    Just the two classes I took put a lot of pressure on me. But, hey, it was fun! It showed me how strong I could be. The professors are great. It will be a little time before I start clinicals, but I am determined to stay with the "suggested" route, and finish. Life happens no matter what we do right?

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