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Hi, I'm just wondering if anybody here is a nurse practitioner with a specialization in cardiology or know anything about the position? What kind of duties do these kind of NPs have? Where can... Read More

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    Hey everyone, thank you so much for all of the info. Very helpful!

    Now, I'll be graduating soon to get my RN and I plan on going straight to NP school afterwards because my whole reason for going to nursing school was to become an NP. But I'm probably going to work for a few months first. So my question is, how do I go abou getting an RN job in a cardiac unit to get experience? Also, how would working in a cardiac unit mesh with going to school and having a family? I plan on getting married soon and having a family. Will all of this be possible? How busy/intense is it to work in a cardiac unit as an RN while going to school and having a family?

    If I do my clinicals in NP all in cardiology, will this be seen as "experience" by employers?

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    Hey, I don't have answers to your questions at this time but I do want to say that we both share the same interest! I love Cardiology and I am open to any options that will ultimately help me work in this field! I recently passed NCLEX and got a job (not in Cardiology but ok) I plan to get few years clinical experience and then enroll in ACNP program! Best wishes to you
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    Quote from Love&Care
    Thank you for your reply!

    How does an NP get a job doing both clinic/outpatient care as well as rounds? Are they employed by separate employers (kind of like 2 different jobs) or is it usually within the same employer? This is the kind of work I'm more interested in: mostly outpatient with hospital rounds as well so I'm curious as to how this works. Also, would FNP be the way to go with this then?
    I work in a small internal medicine practice and split my time between clinic and covering our patients in the hospital. Our group covers a cardio practice, and both of their NPs do the same; one is a AGNP and other is a FNP.

    Salary varies by area and practice but as a new grad I'd expect somewhere between 80-90k.
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    Hi, I work on a cardiothoracic surgury unit and CTS service at our hospital employs 2 NPs (both FNP I think) one has EXTENSIVE cardiology experience as an RN (15+ years). The other has about 5 years RN experience. These NPs round on CTS patients in the hospital, perform minor procedures such as chest tube removal, and work with patients in the office for follow up visits. I am starting my FNP program this Spring in the hopes of following in their footsteps. You can find more information on these two very impressive NPs at Heart Surgery Specialists of Northern Michigan.
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    I'm doing my preceptorship on the CVICU. The CV Surgeon there has a FNP that works with him for pre and post-OP follow-up. She works both in The clinic and rounds in the hospital.

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