Best Computer For Online School

  1. I will be starting an online MSN NP program this Fall and need to invest in a computer. Any recommendations needed specifically for online courses?
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  3. by   NAURN
    I know the school that I have applied for (Frontier) specifies on their website what exactly you need as far as technical requirements. You might check your school's website and see what they recommend
  4. by   sandnnw
    MacBook Air, nothing compares...
  5. by   Annaiya
    Really your internet connection is more important than the computer, but a laptop is nice so you can move around a bit, especially if you have a monitor and keyboard for when you want a bigger screen. I have two monitors with my desktop computer and that is REALLY nice so I can see more than one thing at a time.
  6. by   reeya
    Toshina protege R705--> very sturdy, fast, and light weight (compares macbook air among windows computer)

    intel core i3, 400GB hard disk (u can download and save all you can lectures, videos, music etc and still ur computer is fast)

    cost is 799 but worth it. very portable because its light and battery life of 4-5 hrs if full charged (it says 8 hrs but not true).
  7. by   MandaRN94
    Reeya -thank you! Just the info I was looking for.