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I am a BSN who graduated in 1995. I am looking at BSU FNP program and wondered if anyone has feedback on their program. I have to continue to work and the online option is the only one I can do... Read More

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    Hello to all. Does anyone know the number of applicants accepted to BSU FNP program each semester? Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for all the great info! I'm also trying to decide b/w Ball State's FNP program or Univ of South AL's program. Anyone know what the retention rates are or what the board pass rates are? Thanks!
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    I am also applying to BSU FNP Program, but am torn between BSU & Frontier.... I know people that are doing both, and they all love their respective programs.
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    What was your GPA to get into the program?
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    Hi, I read your thread. How do you like your FNP program at BSU? Are you writing a lot of papers? What so far have been the upside and downside to your program.
    Please let me know and I hope you are doing really well.
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    I graduated from Ball State in July 2013. I'm glad the program was designed the way that it was because I was able to continuing working full time. The last semester is the most challenging, especially because of the amount of clinical hours you have to put in. Being organized is key and having good group members to do assignments. The program exposes you to a lot of material. Take a review course to help you prepare for boards and you will be fine! I passed boards on my first try and so did others that I heard of.
    Good luck.
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    I have a ADN and a BS in Education. Can you apply to this program if you have a bachelors in another field or do you need to have a BSN?

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