Are any of you NP's graduates of Excelsior?

  1. I graduated from Excelsior about 4 years ago and then went to a local college to get my BSN. I was told by an online, fully accredidated NP program that they do not accept Excelsior grads into their program because they do not recognize Excelsior's A&P and Micro. I could get in if I take A&P and Micro over again prior to appying.

    Are any of you NP's graduates of Excelsior? Where did you get your NP? Did you have any issues related to Excelsior college?

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  3. by   LaxNP
    I am currently a student in a NP program. I graduated from Excelsior with a ADN in '07 and did my BSN at a state school. I took my my A&P at a brick and mortar school, but did do my micro through EC. I have never had a single issue with EC and even teach in an ADN program. If it is that important to go to a certain school, you could always take the courses, or look to see if there is a lab portion available. My A&p was divided into two courses, 3 credits for the class and 1 for the lab. There were people that only had to do the lab if they already had a class portion for some reason. I wonder if you could do it online with a lab portion. My lab for A&P was computer based in a classroom anyway.
  4. by   JerseyBSN
    I spoke to the head of the Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner program at USA today and she told me it didn't matter where I got my ASN or BSN as long as they were CCNE accredited they would be accepted and I would not have to retake any sciences w/labs in order to get in.

    Now that makes sense to me, and what a relief!