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Hello, I'm applying to an NNP program for Spring 2013. I wanted to know if there was anyone else who applied to NP school soon after finishing their BSN. If so, did you get in with your lack of job experience? I currently work... Read More

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    I graduated in 08 and went strait into hospice, home care for six months and an ipu for three years now. I only had about one year ft and then went to prn due to health issues. I feel like I am inexperienced as hell! I am sure that most of the students around you are incredible in their jobs, but they will feel just like you when it is different from the norm. I have been told that np is COMPLETELY different than bedside nursing and many nurses are surprised when they get into the nitty gritty of the work.
    Having a bit of modesty or the ability to recognize how green you are can be a good thing. At least thats what I tell myself!

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