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I have been looking around for good NP online schools and I came across Graceland University. Is there anyone on here that has went through their FNP program or is currently in their program that could help me find out if it is... Read More

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    Quote from Tay, RN2010

    I am finishing up my application to Graceland University, and I would like to know your GPA before admission into the program. ***just curious of students GPA that are admitted into the program to determine how likely I am to get admitted into the program
    Overall my GPA was very decent like 3.7 for my previous course work. I hope this helps.

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    Quote from ivanh3
    I am a Graceland RN to MSN graduate (2009), and I have nothing but positive things to say with one caveat (below). The instructors were excellent, and the dean was very involved. I did a lot of writing and research during my time there which has been helpful to me in my job and as a current DNP student (University of Alabama, will graduate in three months). Now as on online student you must be capable of self direction and disciplined, but that is true of any school I suppose.

    Now, to be very clear, you will learn much at school, but you will learn more during your clinical rotations, and those are preceptor/location dependent. I lived in Atlanta at the time so I was doing my rotations at the same places and with the same preceptors as Emory University and Georgia state students. This leads to the caveat.

    There was an issue that was not particular to Graceland: I had to find my own preceptors which was nerve wracking. You have to find a preceptor and then establish a site contract with the facility. This can take months (and months) because it involves lawyers/legal departments in some cases (mostly larger facilities...smaller private offices not so much). There were two rotations where I didn't get my paperwork completed until almost right before my rotation. Meaning I would've had to miss the class and wait until the following semester. Many traditional brick/mortar schools often already have those set up, but some do not.

    Hope this helps,

    Ivan were you able to purchase your own books from other sites like Amazon? Or did you have to purchase all of your books from the school?
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    As I recall, Graceland mailed all books to me, and I never really questioned if I had a choice. Probably should have. At the University of Alabama for my DNP I get all of my books from Amazon new, and they are usually less expensive.
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    Anyone from NC attend Graceland? I'm working on my application, and I'm somewhat concerned about finding my own preceptors! Any other FNP online programs approved in NC, this is the only one i found. Hoping someone has some advice, thanks!!
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    I actually currently live and work in NC and I am attending Graceland University. Would love to network with others as well.
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    Wonderful!! I'm in Fayetteville. Just realized I can't apply to Graceland until Feb 1(deadline). I have 2 classes left for my BSN and I will finish Oct 10TH. What luck huh! I am really excited and want to get started. How difficult is it to find preceptors? and how much paperwork do they have to fill out? I have a million questions, thanks for responding@

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