Anyone in or went through Graceland University Online FNP??? - page 2

I have been looking around for good NP online schools and I came across Graceland University. Is there anyone on here that has went through their FNP program or is currently in their program that... Read More

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    Anyone from NC attend Graceland? I'm working on my application, and I'm somewhat concerned about finding my own preceptors! Any other FNP online programs approved in NC, this is the only one i found. Hoping someone has some advice, thanks!!
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    I actually currently live and work in NC and I am attending Graceland University. Would love to network with others as well.
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    Wonderful!! I'm in Fayetteville. Just realized I can't apply to Graceland until Feb 1(deadline). I have 2 classes left for my BSN and I will finish Oct 10TH. What luck huh! I am really excited and want to get started. How difficult is it to find preceptors? and how much paperwork do they have to fill out? I have a million questions, thanks for responding@

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