Anyone heard of Olivet Nazarene university???

  1. I'm thinking about attending Olivet Nazarene university. Can anyone tell me about this school? And if you are attending here, how is their FNP program???
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  3. by   cocojonesRNTNS
    Many of my former coworkers and friends and my best friend are or have gone thru this program and they are happy with the program. I too am looking into their FNP program but do not want to drive 6 hrs to do the site visits.
  4. by   NerdyNikki
    That is very comforting. I have a meeting tomorrow with the director. I am very excited to start.
  5. by   cocojonesRNTNS
    How did your meeting go?
  6. by   NerdyNikki
    The meeting went very well. I was accepted!!!!They seem to have a very supportive team and staff. They really care about making sure you get the most out of your schooling. Each member and the director is very good with communicating with the students as well. The first year of schooling is online with Jewel ( like blackboard) and the next year is on campus. They have two location. If its anything I am worried about is trying to complete 500 clinical hours in two months.
  7. by   vickystreehouse
    I have my interview soon, they gave me a tentative start date of October. I'm excited but nervous about the big change. How is it going for you?
  8. by   cs1827
    I just sent my application in today. I was wondering how long is the program and do you have to find your own preceptors ?
  9. by   NerdyNikki
    At Olivet, you are responsible for finding your preceptor. The program is approximately 24 months, meaning I wont be done until June 2014. So far the program is okay. Your first year and half is spent with online classes. Remaining year, is spent in class.
  10. by   sivano01
    Quote from NerdyNikki
    I'm thinking about attending Olivet Nazarene university. Can anyone tell me about this school? And if you are attending here, how is their FNP program???

    Hi everyone. I also got accepted to ONU FNP program. I am starting at the end of august 2012. I hope that it's a good program. A couple of other schools I have looked at seem to have a more "complex" cirriculum...I hope Olivet's curriculum meets the standards to become a certified FNP.
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  11. by   RN4L
    I went to Olivet for Nursing but not for FNP, I thought the teachers were really good. They really do care about you and will work with you despite their busy schedules. They also have a really good pass rate for the traditional BSN program. Hope this helps some
  12. by   NerdyNikki

    So far the program is going well and as expected. Right now Im taking all the fluff classes (theories, Statistics,Ethics etc.). Tons of paper writing and APA formatting. Our primary classes such as health assessment, Path-physiology and Pharmacology is in class on campus. These classes I would prefer to take in classes because they are your primary classes you need to focus on to pass the boards. As for as the Curriculum, I have compare Olivet's with other schools as well ( i.e. Depaul University) and feel we are on the same course of actions. If its anything that would be a challenge, is finding your own preceptor for your clinicals. At the end of the day, I am a firm believer that school is whatever you make it to be. I hope this helps ; )
  13. by   windycity.rn
    Happy to hear that you are enjoying Olivet, I am looking to apply to their FNP program as well. Probable start date would be Fall 2013. Currently I have a little over a year and a half experience on a tele floor and am looking to further my clinical practice.

    I believe their FNP program is fairly new, does it seem to be well organized? I am interested to see if there is anyone on here who is in their second year and has gotten into the core classes.

    Hope things continue to go well for you in the program.

  14. by   Sunflower12