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I am currently looking into and applying to several FNP programs. I am wondering if anyone has attended or is attending either Kaplan or Walden? If so, what has your experience been like so far?... Read More

  1. by   kellyshel
    I am about 1/2 way thru my first class at Kaplan and I have been very impressed with the professionalism and way the class has been run. It's not a cake walk, I have had to put effort in the assignments and there is specific requirements to meet for attendance and good grades. I know that there is a whole lot of bad talk about Kaplan out there, but every school is what you make of it, and I am very pleased thus far with Kaplan! I have also had nothing but help from the administrative side of the school and if i have questions, I call and they always answer the phone and my questions. I can't go to a traditional brick and mortar school at this point in my life with a full-time job, husband and two young boys, so online is the only option I have to get my FNP. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  2. by   LizRN0304
    Do you know if they received accreditation for the program? I just finished my BSN through Kaplan and I had a great educational experience with them. I am really nervous about the clinical part of it, finding your own preceptor for all the hours of clinical you have to do.
    I can't pm yet because I am so new on here but I'd be happy to give you me email. I would love to stay updated on your experience so I know what to expect!
    I spoke with a re admissions adviser and got some clarity but forgot to ask about being accredited. I also wanted to find out if the tests and quizzes are all online from home or if there are proctored tests at a site too.

    thank you so much for replying!
  3. by   kellyshel
    I know that the MSN-FNP program is accredited but not the post masters certificate FNP as of yet. As long as you are going for the MSN thru them first you are good. I live in California and checked with the Board of Nursing before I applied and was told that yes, a degree with FNP certification from Kaplan is acceptable. So far all quizes have been online from home. I will gladly stay in touch my email is!!
  4. by   IBSavn
    Quote from futureeastcoastNP
    Absolutely correct. They put very little money or effort into their students, and are a huge issue in the NP profession as they are:

    1. Oversaturating the market by taking EVERYONE who applies and graduating thousands of nurse practitioners.

    2. Reducing the prestige of nurse practitioners (no other medical profession has FOR PROFIT programs).

    3. Graduating lower tier students who make the profession look bad.

    The only thing these schools care about is making as much money as possible while spending as little as they can on instruction. Any school with endless advertisements "BECOME A DNP 100% ONLINE IN 2 YEARS!!!" is embarrassing.
    You hit the nail on the head. Institutions like this give nurse practitioners a bad reputation. This is why we can't get respect and recognition from our healthcare provider peers. Your statements remind me of a comment a physician made once to a NP I worked with after she suggested an alternative treatment, "Really, that is what you think? Let me guess, you got your NP degree from Phoenix online?!"

    That just shows that they take our education and training as a joke because they know there really are low-ball programs out there.
  5. by   rn777
    Walden does not support its students. It could take months for the practicum field office to respond to an email or to review you clinical site application. You are basically paying for access to a third party virtual discussion board website and for self education.
  6. by   rn777
    Walden might be ok for programs that do not require national certification.
  7. by   nneka123
    i applied to Kaplan np program. just wondering if you took 1 or 2 class for your first term. going back to school after 14 years. an also with Kaplan do you have contact with classmate or are you on your own. thank. i don't know how to PM on this site.
  8. by   sagamore
    Hi everyone,

    Are you in the Kaplan FNP program? Are you an alumni? Good or bad experience? Please could you share your experience here.

    Thank you
  9. by   tom5859
    I was accepted into Kaplan and Graceland. I started Kaplan first and thought about jumping ship to Graceland. I like Kaplan so far, and it is a little cheaper than Graceland, and does not require the campus visit which would be another 2k. If you have questions about Kaplan or Graceland let me know. I think its best to go with your gut on the program you choose. They all have negative comments if you look around, generally about how someone was robbed of their financial aid, but ive yet to see any significant issues with any of these schools yet. If you have one please include specifics. Good luck everyone!
  10. by   applesxoranges
    3 nurses at my hospital are attending Walden. 1 house supervisor is graduating from Kaplan.
  11. by   mpaynern
    I'm looking into the Kaplan online FNP program now. Did you decide to go with Kaplan? Did you take 1 or 2 classes at a time? Any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Mike
  12. by   mpaynern
    Any advice or things to watch out for regarding the Kaplan online FNP program (ie: taking 1 or 2 classes at a time, financial aid, etc.)?
  13. by   mpaynern
    I'm in WA and am thinking about starting the Kaplan online FNP program. Any advice?