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Any Practicing NP's?

  1. 0 I am beginning to start the application process for a NP program this FALL 2012, and part of the process is obtaining 2 or more letters of recommendation with at least one being from a NP. I have a BA in Human Development and I am applying for a Entry Level Masters Program for FNP. I have volunteered at a local hospital for the past year and have not worked with any NP's, only doctors and RN's. I am completely at a loss for how I can obtain a letter of Recommendation if I do not know any NP's! It is really frustrating because I know many RN's who are willing to write the letter but they are not NP's. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    What program are you applying to?
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    I am applying to a private university in the Bay Area (California) called Samuel Merritt University. I am hoping to get into their Master Program for the FNP track
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    Were any of your nursing school teachers NPs? Perhaps the school would accept a letter from someone with an MSN, not necessarily an NP? I'm sorry that is a requirement for you.
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    Thanks for the response. I am applying to an entry level msn program, which means that I have no nursing experience. The requirement is that you must have a Bachelors degree and all science prerequisites completed upon applying (micro, A&P, Chemistry...). Therefor I do not know any nurses first hand. They will accept recommendations from NP's or RN's. I am still scrambling for any willing nurses to help me out!
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    I'm sorry they are being so strict about this. I wonder if it is becuase you are going directly into a program with being a nurse first and they want a NP to vouch for you..just my guess though.....When i was applying to the program im in now...they just required references from co-workers, old professors, and/or a nurse manger. Can you talk with admissions and discuss your situation?......good luck to you.