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AG Primary Care vs. FNP - Job Market?

  1. 0 I am starting an AG Primary Care NP program this month, and I'm hoping I made the right decision to go this route vs. FNP. I have been looking at NP job listings and most of them want an FNP.

    Do you think once the new consensus model takes hold, the job market will change? I live in a market flooded with nursing schools and I'm seeing new grads in the workforce for years without finding work. It took me a while, too, and I don't want to be in the same situation when I graduate in 2015. Thank you!
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    Tight market and unsure what future holds, I would go FNP for more options.
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    Thanks, trauma. I did research several FNP programs in the area. If I was younger w/o a family it would be no prob, but now I have to prioritize cost, location, duration of program. With those in mind, the pros weigh far in favor of the AGPCNP. Oh well

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