Advanced Patho ?s (Calling SJCME Students, especially!)

  1. I'm in Advanced Pathophysiology with Saint Joseph's College of Maine. I'm really interested to see how the other students are studying/have studied while in the course.

    The assignments are usually related to a few selected disease processes, but I'm trying to read as much as possible. The book is 2000+ pages and I'm pretty sure our reading assignment is going to include the entire book before the course is over.

    What are y'all doing? Are you reading all the pages? Are you using supplemental texts (I do have Rapid Review, which has been great). I just feel when I'm reading so many pages, I'm forgetting concepts that I've already learned. All the enzymes, genes, etc.... their names get pushed out of my brain by the time I read over the next one. I can't just read in short spurts either... or I would never finish the course.

    Just curious, how are y'all studying? I'm okay with whatever grade I get, but I guess I'm putting too much pressure on myself to remember every detail of the book for future practice.
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  3. by   MillieT
    I felt the same way when I took patho (different school). I pressured myself to learn as much as possible, since I'll need to know this for actual practice. I was very concerned when I realized that a lot of information seemed to be just passing through my brain.

    What I realized is that this info will come up again. It is revisited in pharm and will be revisited again in the courses that go along with clinicals and in clinicals themselves.

    We did read the whole book. I did study most of the day,everyday. I found some wonderful lectures on itunes through the Univ of Washington (I think), that supplemented well. Supplementing with lectures etc has helped me retain the most info.
  4. by   dcmom99
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Pathophysiology has definitely been the hardest class for me, even more so than Adv Pharmacology was for me. The concept mapping case studies are very difficult for me. Do you have any suggestions? I did not do concept mapping in my BSN program. Thanks.