1. Hi! I've mostly been a lurker on here, but after weeks of trolling these boards for tips on the AANP certification exam, I feel obligated to post my tips for taking the exam!

    As a background, I've been an RN for 8 years and worked in a two skilled nursing facilities and most recently in a Family Practice Primary Care office for the last 4 1/2 years.

    I attended Fitzgerald Live Review with Margaret herself 5/4-5/6 and found it REALLY helpful. Particularly I found it most helpful to highlight my weaknesses.

    I graduated 5/18/2017 and started seriously studying 6/3/2017. I committed two hours a day for the first ten days, and then from 6/12/17- my test date 7/8/17 I studied 4-5 hours a day. On days I was not working, I studied for 8 hours.

    I mostly used Leik second edition. My strategy was to start in the beginning of the book and read and then write down things I did not understand. I have difficulty remembering things I just read- I need to write things down. I also recommended looking at the 'exam tips' at the end of the chapters.

    I took the APEA predictor exam three times- once a week after I really started studying, once 6/28/17 and then again 7/5/17. I scored 71, 71 and 77. For me, I realized that I test better earlier in the morning.

    From there, I used the results to identify my weak areas and went back to Leik and used the Fitzgerald book and workbook to go more in depth. I identified my weakness by looking at the 'reveiw results' from APEA which tells you the percentage score by topic (i.e. derm, peds, cariology, etc). Anything less than 65% I went back and reviewed more in depth. I also reviewed each question I got wrong, and wrote down the rationale.

    I also took the PSI exam, and scored an 80 I believe. I don't remember anything specific, but I do think it helped me get used to answering the questions, but not necessary learning more if that makes sense.

    Four days before my exam I took an Exam Edge test, mostly because the APEA test was down for maintenance and I wanted to get a sense of how I was doing because my exam was in four days. I scored a 71. Seriously, I couldn't stop getting 71s! Again, same technique as APEA as I wrote down answers and reviewed rationals.

    Lastly, I bought the Like app about a month before my exam. These questions were very familiar to the ones in the book (some were the exact same) but I liked how I could use it on the go and I could pick and chose which topics to quiz myself on as well as 'assessment' type questions vs 'diagnostic' etc.

    I hope this helps!
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  3. by   Jeana18
    I don't plan on starting this process for another 2 years but this post was extremely helpful. Thanks!
  4. by   lwsoccjs
    Regarding the Leik questions. Were they similar in difficulty to the AANP test questions?
  5. by   aellisrn
    Quote from lwsoccjs
    Regarding the Leik questions. Were they similar in difficulty to the AANP test questions?
    Wondering the same. However I have heard that Leik and APEA are very similar to the AANP exam.