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I am getting ready to start my final semester of NP school and I am trying to decide which exam to take. Any advice? I will graduate December 2011, and I feel like time is flying!... Read More

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    I have taken the ANCC twice. I am not a good test taker and I have major anxiety! I always think too much and twist the answers. If you take the ANCC be sure you know theory. Know those definitions like beneficence, nonmalefience know them forward and backwards. Both times I had tons of question with these definitions. If you have to take ANCC I recommend buying their review manual from their website. It was $100 but it has 50 questions in the back that are very helpful and each chapter ends with case studies and the answers are all in the book....with full explaination. I also bought the APEA practice question book and it is great each questions had rationale. Their website has a question bank you can purchase for like $150 and you have unlimited access for one month... You can split the with 2 other people and still have a tough time getting to all the questions. I will be taking the AANP this week in hopes that the test is all clinical bc that is my strong point. If you know anything about that exam please let me know. thanks... and take the Barkley or APEA review....skip fitzgerald! but just my opinion and what I have heard from others...Also several girls in my class took both and they passed. Good Luck!!

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