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Hello, My name is Jamie and I have been an ER nurse for 7 years. I took the AANP exam yesterday April 3 and failed it. I am extremely sick to my stomach about this. How can I fail this exam? I... Read More

  1. by   f3rr0
    Don't let your anxiety, fear, and frustration get the best of you. I expected the exam to be difficult but it wasn't at all. It was only in my mind.
  2. by   f3rr0
    I studied Maria Codina Leik's book on and off for one month. I also took Fitzgerald review course. I was overly prepared. I passed the AANP exam first try with a very high score. I would recommend the book and the prep course.
  3. by   AnaLong
    Hi, I am sorry that you did not pass. If it helps, I did use Fitzgerald but it did not help me much. I feel that if I had done just that I too would have failed. Just my opinion. I did use Barkley that someone gave me and I had questions on the test seemingly directly from Barkley that I did not see in Fitzgerald. The Leik book is a must have. So I studied for 7 weeks each day I did not take days off, and 3 1/2 hours each day. I hope you will retake the test. Good Luck.
  4. by   ERNurseatheart
    I do understand how you felt as I had failed my aanp exam on yesterday. I can take care of patients without a second thought in the ER yet was unable to pass this test. I feel like such a failure. I have been a nurse for 15 years and went to Hollier review. I have always been a poor test taker due to my anxiety. I do remember that I had taken Hurst for my NCLEX, because I needed to know how to take the test rather than the material. I feel confident in the material as I have been studying backwards and forwards, but I feel that maybe I need a review course that can help me choose my answers when I get down to two questions. This has always been my downfall and has come back to bite me.
  5. by   Nurse008
    I failed AANP too. I am planning to do the required 15hrs of CE without waiting for my result. I don't want to do review course (I did fitzgerald before I have barkley CD, I have Maria Leik book) I was wondering if you advise any course from AANP online just to fulfill the CE requirement. Thank you.
  6. by   Shannawhite
    I took my test today and failed as well. I am so distraught and sad. I NEED a job! I actually have 2 lined up, so this really hurt me. Do you know how much to retest? Do you know how long I have to wait? I'm so confused, angry, and down that idk what to do. My email is shannagiggles@yahoo.com if anyone can help
  7. by   maya3
    Back2SchoolRN I am very impressed and inspired by your posting regarding how nurses are taught in school versus what the exam ultimately entails. I appreciate the suggestions that you offered for varying issues that individual testers encounter and the objective solutions to their problems. My take is that there are no shortcuts and I admire your insight and candor.
  8. by   ACNP-Ray
    I have to admit even though I took my exam back in 2013 it was more difficult than I expected but I did pass. I bought both Fitz's book and Barkley's book and CD's off Ebay. Fitz's wasn't cutting it for me, so I took the CD's and copied them to my Ipod and listened to them non-stop for a month of studying. If I was in the bathroom, I had the Ipod going, if I was in the car the CD's were playing. I even went to sleep with Barkley talking me to sleep. That is the only thing I used, but it was literally non-stop for a month. Knew every single thing about Hepatitis and not one question on the exam covered it..LOL One of my current patients used Adderall all through college to keep him focused in class/on tests and he graduated with a 3.8 So you might look into getting a short term script for it and see how much more focused you are while studying and taking the exam. He too has bad test anxiety and he stated it really leveled him out for test time.
  9. by   daring101
    does AANP require us to complete our 15 hours of CE's from any where specific? where can i complete my hours quickly?
  10. by   Leacheri
    Can you tell me what u did to pass the asnp exam? Thanks
  11. by   poohbear99
    Anyone recently take the AANP? I took it yesterday and failed. Felt like I studied for 3 months for nothing. I took the Barkley review class and used his CD's and book plus Leik practice book until I couldn't see straight. Felt like I studied for the wrong test upon sitting through the exam. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am taking the ANCC 2/22 and need a plan to pass!!! Please

    feel disappointed and like a failure/have never failed a test/my heart sunk to my feet/confidence blown
  12. by   Sandrakk
    I also take my exam in a couple of weeks and scared to death. I am taking the ANCC exam. Has anyone taken this exam?
  13. by   arorash
    I am shocked so many people failed AANPC, people in my class failed Hesi and Apea which makes no sense. I took the test in 1 hour 45 minutes. It was straight forward.
    The best study tools are Leik and you must read it from front to back. Also I used Hesi prep Apea because we had to pass it at UT. But THE most helpful tool was ...
    Medical Board Review and Question Bank - BoardVitals this is like Gold!!!!!
    it has guides and test bank of 1800 questions for Aanc and Aanp. I did AANP

    Family Nurse Practitioner AANP Exam Review

    Family Nurse Practitioner Board Review (FNP Exam) - 9 CEUs