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Hello, My name is Jamie and I have been an ER nurse for 7years. I took the AANP exam yesterday April 3 and failed it. I am extremely sick to my stomach about this. How can I fail this exam? I was... Read More

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    Don't let your anxiety, fear, and frustration get the best of you. I expected the exam to be difficult but it wasn't at all. It was only in my mind.
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    I studied Maria Codina Leik's book on and off for one month. I also took Fitzgerald review course. I was overly prepared. I passed the AANP exam first try with a very high score. I would recommend the book and the prep course.
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    Hi, I am sorry that you did not pass. If it helps, I did use Fitzgerald but it did not help me much. I feel that if I had done just that I too would have failed. Just my opinion. I did use Barkley that someone gave me and I had questions on the test seemingly directly from Barkley that I did not see in Fitzgerald. The Leik book is a must have. So I studied for 7 weeks each day I did not take days off, and 3 1/2 hours each day. I hope you will retake the test. Good Luck.
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    I do understand how you felt as I had failed my aanp exam on yesterday. I can take care of patients without a second thought in the ER yet was unable to pass this test. I feel like such a failure. I have been a nurse for 15 years and went to Hollier review. I have always been a poor test taker due to my anxiety. I do remember that I had taken Hurst for my NCLEX, because I needed to know how to take the test rather than the material. I feel confident in the material as I have been studying backwards and forwards, but I feel that maybe I need a review course that can help me choose my answers when I get down to two questions. This has always been my downfall and has come back to bite me.
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    I failed AANP too. I am planning to do the required 15hrs of CE without waiting for my result. I don't want to do review course (I did fitzgerald before I have barkley CD, I have Maria Leik book) I was wondering if you advise any course from AANP online just to fulfill the CE requirement. Thank you.

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