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Hello, My name is Jamie and I have been an ER nurse for 7years. I took the AANP exam yesterday April 3 and failed it. I am extremely sick to my stomach about this. How can I fail this exam? I was a 4.0 GPA student during my... Read More

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    I honestly think Fitzgerald is so dry and monotonous to listen to. I sold it back immediately after I purchased in 2011 on ebay. I bought it thinking it will help in my classes but I couldn't finish even 1 CD.

    Fast forward 2012, graduated and now preparing for boards myself, I bought APEA CD just for the boards and have been listening since past week religiously. She is a joy to listen to and doesn't bore you out or makes sleepy or uninterested. I suggest buying her CDs so you can listen over and over directly from her website so you can get the syllabus that goes along with the CD. It makes easy to follow along.

    After you finish her CD, assess yourself with Q&A. She has Q&A bank (1000 questions) online unlimited 1 month subscription for $149. If you have Zerwekh and Claborn CD, then that is good also. It has 1300 Q&A. You don't need to do both, either APEA or Zerwekh Q&A will do.

    If you haven't purchased Leik book, do so, it contains a lot of things not covered in other prep materials.

    Good Luck.
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    Did u feel like most questions where repeated from the first attempt or were they different questions the second time?
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    Anyone fail the exam and have to retake it recently? i feel like the test prep was not helpful? Can I still train as an NP?
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    The test was out of left field and I got 340. Had a lot of endocrine- diabetes, health promotion and ortho questions. That was my weak area. I did not change any answers because I thought I answered correctly in terms of what the question asked for. I am ready to retake in a week and I'm using APEA and leik and barkley. I used fitz and I didn't get much from it. If you want to study together let me know. I'm on Hotmail- sedonte. We will pass it. One of my instructors told me that these kind of exams only measure us agaist other test takers, they do not measure or test what we learned in school. I feel better knowing this and it really makes more sense if you think about it because we don't have to write or explain ourselves.

    I am also using familynpprep.com because someone said it was good and guess what, the question format was similar to what was on ANCC.


    Our fees are used to pay for a psychologist to take the correct answer and twist it around and mix it up; then we have to play the game, take the test and figure out in which answer choice did the hide the correct answer ( how they dressed it up and put it in the test). Interesting isn't it?
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    I see you posted this in 2011.. how did it work out for you? I graduated in 2000, and same story I'm about to take the exam.. very nervous. How did you study?
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm scheduled to take my AANP Exam on Wednesday. I attended the APEA review course in June and yesterday finished going through the book again, while listening to their audio. Basically, I can say that I know everything in the APEA manual, blow by blow.

    I found Amelie Hollier to be a really organized, instructor. Course was great. She used great examples and honestly explained things and made it sound so simple! So I was looking forward to take 150 question mock exam in order to gauge my understanding.

    The results of my practice test shocked me to the core. As a result of this, I am spending my time worrying rather than focusing on anything in particular. The problem is that the stuff that she taught on the review has minimal relationship with her own practice test! During the review, there were question and answer session and everything seemed to fall in place. Questions had relationship with review. But all of a sudden, taking her Mock exam I made a 60%, which is the lowest score I have ever imagined in my life.

    I have 4 job interviews waiting on me, which are all very promising, and I'm so worried that all will be lost if I don't pass this test :-( I do have a Leik book which seems pretty organized but I'm pretty discouraged on finding errors here and there. eg. She states most common skin cancer is Squamous cell carcinoma, which is wrong. I also have Fitzgerald CDs that I just received. Anyone found any of these (APEA review, Fitzgerald CDs, Maria Codina Leik book) to be useful on real exam?

    Any last minute advise would be really appreciated.
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    I was making in the low 60's prior to my exam 8-23. I re looked at guidelines remember its a new grad exam. So know the first line treatment guidelines. Review courses will tell you to know Dm, HTN, cholesterol guidelines. Try to relax and breath thinking your way through the test. Don't change your answers unless you are really sure.good luck!
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    Here it is November of 2013.

    I failed the AANP a week ago.
    I was amazed at how different the wording and structure of the questions were from my studying prep. I used the online Fitzgerald and CDS, attended a live Barkley course and used their CDs and study guide, prepared for SIX MONTHS and still did not pass.
    I feel comfortable with NP preparation. In fact, I feel more confident with seeing a patient and drawing from disease/treatment management than preparing for the Boards. I also used the Fitz practise questions and tested 3 of 4 Barkley's DRT 100 question exams, scoring in the 60s, which the reply "good performance overall" appeared.

    I do wish there were study/quiz partners available as I begin preparing for re-testing. Barkley was better than Fitzgerald for me for simplifying the material and summarising treatment options. I do not think either of the programmes prepared me for AANP testing though. ALL of my colleagues have passed and are currently practising NPs now.
    Back to square one I guess....sigh*
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    A pity this site won't let me respond to e-mails from my new friends.
    This rule of having fifteen posts first seems superfluous. I think we can help each other along the way with sometimes ONE post.
    I may not ever have to post 15.... )-:
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    Quote from Summerheat
    A pity this site won't let me respond to e-mails from my new friends.
    This rule of having fifteen posts first seems superfluous. I think we can help each other along the way with sometimes ONE post.
    I may not ever have to post 15.... )-:
    It is really meant to protect the members and prevent spamming PM accounts. You may upgrade your membership at anytime and have instant access to the PM system.

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