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Hey everyone, Is it true that all NPs and other APNs will have to finish off their DNP in order to achieve NP status after 2015? I'm currently applying for FNP school and I'm getting worried about this. I may or may not... Read More

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    Agree with wtbcrna on this issue - for those of us APRNs educated at the MSN level, obtaining a DNP provides a terminal degree. My understanding from recent discussion at one of our states APN organization meetings, is that a DNP provides you with the tools with which to embrace EBP.

    However, that said, I personally don't think that you need a DNP in order to embrace/practice EBP and incorporate it into your practice. Much depends on what you what do and where you practice.

    My large nephrology practice has its own research dept and I've been fortunate to assist with that. It really brings home (at least for me) that research results in practice change.
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    Remember when people were talking about having BSN as the minimum education requirement for an RN. Looking back we all see that it was just a suggestion. No actual legal ramification resulted in this suggestions. ADNs and some diploma prgrams are still churning out RNs that are legally able to practice.

    Now even though everyone and their mom is talking about how the DNP is the new standard, I see now its just another suggestion. Its going to be the same story repeating itself. I do not expect any kind of legislative restrictions on an NP with an MSN.
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