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Hello! Has anyone else out there applied to George Washington's online FNP program for Fall 2013? I got an email saying that GW received my application and that it's under preliminary review and I'll hear more in two weeks. ... Read More

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    I applied to UMD for adult np but will be going to GWU. I live in Montgomery County, MD. Plan to work fulltime and go part time.

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    Hi Everyone! I applied for this fall and also got accepted and plan on going part time and working full time! Looking forward to it!! If anyone hears anything from current students of the program please share
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    Does GWU find you a NP preceptor?
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    One of the nurses who used to work with me (she moved) is in the program and liked it. I got her final recommendation before applying. While certainly not a walk in the park, we both like to travel and she said it's great to be online because you can work with your schedule, plan, and still do what you want. She did mention maybe having to drop to part time when clinicals start. Another nurse I work with is finishing up NP school (at another online program) and she is fine with clinicals and work.

    Excited to meet all of you in August!!
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    Hello everyone!

    Can anyone tell me what GWU looks for in applicants? GPA (overall or just nursing)? Nursing experience? I want to apply next year. For those of you that have been accepted, if you don't mind, what was your GPA and how many years of experience did you have?

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    Have you guys began looking for clinical placement?
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    I was accepted for the online FNP starting this Fall 2013. I am working on completing the ridiculous 92.00 background check! If anyone else is also starting in the program this fall, send me an email at gracemercypeace@ymail.com
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    Quote from cmaker
    Have you guys began looking for clinical placement?
    I was told by the clinical coordinator that it is too early to find placement. For part time the first clinical is spring 2015
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    I've been accepted into the Post BSN DNP program (FNP). ?I haven't received any info about getting the background check done.
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    Hi everybody! My name is Sarah. I'll be starting the FNP program at GWU this fall part-time and like many of you working full-time. I live in Michigan. I'm excited to start and to attend the orientation. Has anybody heard anything about the orientation at all? Like which campus and the times? I have to fly from MI so if anybody has any info on the details, let me know!

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