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  1. Has anyone taken the ADN program from them? If so was it a very intensive course? I will hae to at least have a part time job, will that be possible with this program?
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  3. by   drgnys30
    I am in the program now, starting my second year. It is intense, you must be dedicated to it and not have a ton of drama going on in your life. But I do highly recommend it!
  4. by   gapeacheykeen
    Are you doing the regular or the flex option? Are you on the fast track or the slower one? Did you have a hard time being accepted? Do you have any recommendations for preparing for this program? I was going to start brushing up on my math before putting in my application.
  5. by   bsn2b2013
    I am curious too as to whether or not you had a hard time getting in. I know they accept like 40 people (or so they said) and am just insterested in how competitive it is to get into the program (especially as an LVN).
  6. by   drgnys30
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

    GaPeach- I am doing the regular option, as the flew option wasn't an option until my 2nd semester. At that point it was just easier to keep going rather than drag it out. I had previous nursing school expereince which due to the circumstances gave me a little trouble but I challenged the admissions board and was able to place my application for Fall'07 but it was full. I reapplied for Spring '08 and got in. My biggest suggestion: have all or almost all your core classes done before starting the program. The classes can be very detail oriented and time consuming as one might expect so it's good to have your other classes done with. I think it also helps you to understand the material much better. I have worked the entire time i was in school, out of need. Part time is what worked best for me, two days a week. Class is almost everyday so weekends would be alright, no more than 24 hours a week of work though.

    LpnKc09- There are approximately 50 students (sometimes a few more) that start each fall and spring. Unlike many colleges, TCL has a fall calss as well as a spring class of students for their RN program. It is very competitive getting in. You GPA needs to be above 2.5 but I think that they like the higher GPA's. THey also take applications from GA students and it is based on where you live too. IF you meet the requirements and you live in Beaufort or Jasper county and there is a spot available, you get in before students who applied from other parts of SC (GA students are considered last before the late applicants). Its a little confusing, but once you hear it, it makes some sense. As a LPN, you have a little more of an advantage. you get to enter into the second year straight off. you have three classes to finish out as long as your core classes are all done.

    A word of caution- This program is not for the faint of heart, it is challenging and demanding. I highly recommend you understanding family tends to get put on hold for a bit. You have to come to terms with that. It is definitely worth it. When I started out in Jan '08, we had about 55 students. We lost about 20 that first semester. In Jan '09, we got in about 4-5 students (LPN) and our total count was about 35-40. I am in my final semester set to graduate in December (yah!) and we have 17 students, only one of those is an LPN. I do know that several students chose to space out the last 2 semesters and several failed out. Just be forewarned. Be dedicated and work hard and you should do fine! Any other questions, just ask!
  7. by   bsn2b2013
    Thank you so much for your response!!!

    I have to retake Algebra (I'm going to take the COMPASS but it has been 14 yrs since I last took math so realistically, I'll probably take it over again!) and the nursing transition course in the Fall so I am hoping to apply for the Jan '11 LPN-RN. My GPA is a 3.76 so I think I'm ok in that realm and I live in Beaufort (just moved here 2 weeks ago!). The challenge and demand, I'm ready for that, I think!! I am still fresh out of LVN school (graduated in May) so my family is still used to me being stressed and putting a lot of things on the back burner (heck, I spent half of nursing school with my husband deployed in Iraq). My biggest worry is applying as an LVN and having to keep waiting, semester after semester because there isn't a spot. I know they cannot give me specific numbers on LVNs accepted (and I totally don't expect them to, that would be making promises/predictions that change per semester) but I worry about having to retake courses as my time limits on courses will start expiring after a few semesters and I really don't want to retake anatomy/phy/micro all over again! In the meantime, I'm just trying to be really patient because I am just anxious to get my RN over with.

    Thank you again for your response, really appreciate feedback from someone that has been there done that!
  8. by   drgnys30
    I can tel lyou that they like to get LPNs in as quickly as I think you have a good shot! IF your core reqs in math or the sciences are over 7 yrs old, you will have to retake them. And the math they require is Probabilty and Statistics. I took College Algebra which my other program required and so when I transferred, I had to take P&S. It is plausible that you could take the transition course this summer, I think it might be offered then. Get enrolled as a student with TCL and talk to your advisor, when you get closer to that I will be happy to give you my name if its helpful!
  9. by   suchablonde0788
    What is the Schedule like at TCL for the last 2 semesters. Trying to figure out times, and possible daycare information!

  10. by   drgnys30
    The schedule is alright. You generally get either a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday Medsurg clinical date. At some point in the semester you do your rotation for Mental Health which consists of 3-4 2 day a week clinicals, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Lecture for both classes are on Thursday and Friday. You do a bunch of clinicals for medsurg but you do get comfortable. The final semester is kinda nice. Lecture for Nur 275 is on Mondays, and Nur 274 is online with a couple of labs on campus. CLinicals for 275 are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays....Its nice, right now I have the ER rotation and we selected 12 hour shifts since we are the second half of the semester. So we only do one day of clinical a week( which is wonderful!!)....but I dont know if they will offer that again or not......
  11. by   suchablonde0788
    alright do you know what time frame they all are?
    The schedule sounds great! I am going to hopefully try for the Spring 2011 Class, my husband may get relocated there with being in the military and all
  12. by   drgnys30
    The classes are mostly mornings, but i would say 9-12 on Thursdays and 9-2 or 3 on Fridays (2nd year 1st semester). Then of course whatever your clinical date and time would be. I had MOnday evening clinicals and felt it was a good fit, I could jsut go that morning and get my patient info, go over to the college nad fill out my info for my careplans and then go to clinical from 245-9 pm. Other clinicals were from 645-1p. Not a bad clinical or class schedule.....
  13. by   suchablonde0788
    Yeah it sounds like a great schedule!
  14. by   nubeautyd
    Thank-you for all of the info. I was just accepted into the program, I am an LPN and I will start my first semester, last year in Spring '10. I just wanted your opinion about splitting up nur 162 and 265. I am aware that I will not graduate in Dec but I feel I should take these classes separate. Alot of peolp has been saying that this is the hardest semester.

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