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Has anyone taken the ADN program from them? If so was it a very intensive course? I will hae to at least have a part time job, will that be possible with this program?... Read More

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    I haven't registered for it yet since it is offered in the Fall. I am getting frustrated though because I am getting closer and closer to having my biologies expire and having to take them AGAIN (I have already had to retake them due to the time limit) - but that is an entirely different post/vent all together! I really wish SC had more options... or something closer..
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    whats the time limit 5 yrs or 7 yrs? Yeah mine is getting close to the 5 yrs mark!It makes me nervous to think i may have to retake any science classes!
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    It's 5 years. I think it used to be 7 but they changed it!!
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    Oh man I took mine in Spring 2005 how long will they be considered good?
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    Do you know anyone wo has been accepted in Beaufort county with the minimal TEAS score?
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    Does anyone know the average TEAS score for the ADN program? I took the exam today and my adjusted total score was 86.5. I've gotten A's and B's in all of my pre-req's, so I'm realllllly hoping that I have a shot for Fall 2010!
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    You will be just fine with that score. My neighbor got in with a 83 last semester with no problems.

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