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I've been a lpn for 5 yrs, I moved from NY about 1 yr ago, and I worked in correctional nsg for 1 yr, but I had to quit because I could not handle it. Now I'm working for an agency but I don't get enough hrs. I have been looking... Read More

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    WEll coming from WA originally from Florida I totally agree about the weather!
    I got looks anytime I ley my hair down at any job. They like your hair to be "up" dreads or not.
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    I ALWAYS wear my hair up, whenever I go outside. I remember after I first started my nsg job with corrections, the don said to me that I might want to consider cutting my hair. Mind you this is the same woman who interviewed me and offered me the job. So she knew exactly what type of hair I had. I was stunned that she even made such a statement. Needless to say after that she was defintely not one of my favorite people!