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Does anyone attend Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood? I start the ADN program in May 2006.... Read More

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    I like York Tech okay but there are a few things that could be better. One is that you have to have an 80 to pass. We just lost about 9 students who were only a few points away. Some of these students had been through the course a second time so they now have to wait five years to go back in. You have to have Chemistry for the RN program but at Piedmont Tech you do not. I will probably transfer because my daughters and boyfriend who I lived with before I moved here all live in Abbeville. My daughters will be going to Piedmont Tech in August. I will probably find a job in a nursing home and take the other pre-req's that I need to finish my RN and I will need a job that will work with school schedule. Are you in the program at Piedmont Tech? You can email me privately at_________and we can discuss this a little more in detail. Thanks Beth
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