1. Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone here works at palmetto health (as a nurse, tech, whatev) and if you like it, what the work enviroment is like, ect. I am seriously looking into a position there.

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  3. by   AshleyA
    Which hospital exactly are you talking about?
  4. by   smurfynursey
    I may be offered a job at the Childrens hospital, but I have been looking at Palmetto-Richland specifically.
  5. by   P_RN
    Theyre right next to each other. In fact the CH used to be on the 9th floor of Richland and what is now the CH used to be the Cancer hospital. As Cancer became more outpatient treatment Children's took over that beautiful new building. Palmetto is a pretty good place to work. It used to be a public hospital until it merged ("allianced" we did NOT have a merger said the president) with Baptist Columbia and Baptist Easley SC. (upstate area) the rest are in Columbia. Pay is comparable with Lexington and Providence's 2 Columbia Hospitals. Palmetto Health is the largest system in the state. Lot's of good people. Some not so good. Just like the rest of the world.
  6. by   NurseKayla
    are you a new grad? if so i would not work at palmetto health richland, children's hospital. my friend worked there as a new grad, and had a horrible time with staff eating there young. every day she would leave there crying saying, "my preceptor makes me feel stupid." she left after six months and went to another hospital in the columbia area and has done remarkably well in peds.
    if you are not a new grad and you have peds experience, i'm sure you will do well!

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