No money!! No money!!

  1. Hello, All:

    I will be starting Clinicals at Midlands Tech this upcoming January '09, and I do not have enough money to buy every book and piece of equipment on my list.

    Could someone please tell me, off of the NUR101 booklist, which books I will be using as soon as the class starts??? I am going to have to buy my supplies and books over the first 2 months as my work checks come in and I do not have $800-$1,000 to put down on day one.

    Also, do I need to get a uniform now, or is that something that can wait a couple of weeks or so?

    Lastly, can anyone give me an idea of what exactly in done in NUR101, and what supplies besides the obvious notebooks, notecards, pens, etc. that I will need on the first day of class?

    Also, any study and organizational tips would be appreciated.

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  3. by   P_RN
    It's been years and centuries since I was in nursing school. What's on the list? I went to USC and almost all of the textbooks were available for checkout in the library. I only bought maybe 3. Seems like MTC has just white scrubs or dress with an apron or tabbard-right?
  4. by   P_RN
    I looked at the MTC web page and apparently you have to order the uniform through them and it takes 6 weeks. Call them Monday and see what they can do.

    I wish I had one to give you but I have a blue set from Columbia Hospital, a yellow set from Carolina and then a green set from Carolina. Bet there would be someone who would sell or lend you one.
  5. by   walktheline
    P_RN, thanks for your replies. Right now, I am more interested in getting the books. Thanks for the info on the library books.
  6. by   P_RN

    I'm not sure if any MTC students come here but look for posts by Daytonite. She offers all kinds of help and is very open to questions.
  7. by   YankeeLady25
    Hello and Congrats! I graduated MTC may 2007 and will need all the books. At least I did. The first semester you definetly need to get the main book- which I believe is the med-surg book, and then you will need the skill book. The good thing is you will use your med-surg book throughout the program so don't sell it!! I still have mine and I go back to it sometimes to look things up. You can probably go to amazon or somewhere online and buy it cheaper if it is not a brand new edition. I actually was looking to get rid of my uniform I still have it in my closet...I think it is a small. But you really only need the top, you can get pretty much any kind of white pants- the bookstores uniforms are pretty expensive, I usually get mine on the internet. Hope this helps. You are also going to have to buy the skills packet its a bag of stuff you need for lab I think its like 30 bucks you have to have that the first week I think depending on who you have they can be pretty strict.
    Good Luck!
  8. by   walktheline
    Thanks so much, YankeeLady25!! It figures that the medsurg book is THE most expensive one out there!! At least I have an idea of what I need to get now. I think the reference books like the medical dictionary, etc. I can use in the library until I get my own.

    Thanks alot!!
  9. by   pawashrn
    try looking on for books or go to the school and talk to present students and see if they are willing to sell. once you leave school you rarely use school books an longer, don't buy your money for a good time after graduation you deserve it

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