Need help with first semester classes after being out of school 28 years , Need help

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    Hi, I am taking the ADN- Rn program, This will be my first Semester and I have been out of school 28 years. Yes, I am very nervous and worried.
    The school put me in English 101, Psych 201, Bio 101, Bio Lab, Microcomputer 170, and I am taking a math pre-Algebra jump-start Math 010 for 1 week and then it will determine whether I take Math 032 or Math103. As you can see my Math is not great. I already signed up for Math 032. Classes at this school are over full. But lots of people apparently drop out after 2 weeks.
    My question: Is this too much for me to take my first semester or can the average, out of school 28 years, no job to worry about person handle all this. I want to do well. The better the grade the faster I can into clinicals later. They take highest grade point averages and the ones that have waited a while to get in. There is a waiting list for clinicals. I should work but my husband is very supportive and he will take the burden of the bills for now.
    I start classes August 24 officially but take my jump-start math starting August 17th.
    Please help me figure this out, I have ask other people and I get different answers. I asked the advisers and they really didn't help. I asked some students and some just out of Nursing school RN's- younger than me. All have different answers. I heard the Bio 101 was very hard and so was the English comp 101 and the Psych 201 and all require lots and lots of paper work.

    Please help, Thanks in advance!!!!!
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    I would limit it to 3 classes just to get your feet wet again. That's what I'm doing- I did get a head start and took 2 summer classes- Good Luck to YOU I'm in the same boat with you only it's been a little longer for me- Best of luck to you-
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    I did the same thing. I took 2 classes this summer working 40hrs a week. Math 101 and CPT (computers). I scored a 101 percent in Math 101 and a 97 in CPT and that was all after being out of school for 16 years. This semester Bio 210, English 101, and Math 102, still plan on working 40 hrs a week. It can be done but you have to dedicate yourself. Good luck.
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    Thank you so much for replying. I feel 6 classes will be too much but at the same time maybe I can do it. I don't know. I have 1 week to drop classes before school starts. Everyone says I am taking too much. I

    Anymore advice, please comment.
    Again, Thank you
    classes so far: All pre-req.'s --

    Microcomputers 170
    Biology 101
    Biology Lab-----You have to take both Biology classes= 4 credits
    English Comp 101
    General Psych 101
    Pre- Algebra or Beginning Algebra-- will be determined- I struggle with math
    = 6 classes - with Biology 101 you have to take the Biology Lab= 2 class times

    And of course a jump-start math class but that's just for one week next week.

    I will have 17 credits including jump-start math.
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    I too have been out of school for many many years. I am a pre nursing student at Tri-County Tech. Your schedule seems like a lot of work for you. I have taken the Psy 201 and loved it got an A. The CPT 170 was hard, maybe because I took it online. I only made a C in that class. The English 101 was hard again because I have not written an essay in 23 years. Again it was taken online and I finished with only a C. I am taking my Math this fall and I had to start out with Math 101. I will also be taking Bio.100 and I hear it is hard.
    Good luck with your studies and maybe you should consider cutting some classes just to be safe.
    Bailey 1982
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    Thank you for your reply also. Yeah, I am beginning to think they loaded me down. I am wrestling with what to drop.
    All biology is hard. I wanted to try to get one out of the way. I heard Psych 201 is lots of work but not hard. English Comp 101 is lots of Essays. And like you, its been years since I have done them. CPT170, I heard was easy if you know your Microsoft office, powerpoint,Excel, and Windows XP. I use Windows Vista. They have said its alot of work. And the BIG dreaded Biology has two classes to attend(includes a lab). And again, they say Biology 101 is hard. I don't know. And the math, depends on the person.

    mmmm- what should I drop?
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    Oh, And I am going to Tri-County Tech also.
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    Great, you are going to TCTC also. The Psy 201 was easy for me but I believe it was the instructor. If you can somehow get into Dr. Rhonda Whitten's class please do so. She was so easy...I only had 1 paper to write and I had all semester to do it in. She was not at all demanding on the format... it was not an essay type paper. Just an observation paper on what you had learned throughout the semester. It would certainly pay you to look for her class for Psy 201.
    Maybe keep your Bio. class since those are hard to get into. I also took Psy 101 online, it was interesting and not hard. Very doable online. I did take History 101 online and hated it! It was hard. I made a D so I will have to retake it. I would not recommend that class to anyone.
    Wish you well with your studies,
    Bailey 1982
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    I think you are taking on too much. Taking three classes at a time is tough! Your schedule is just ridiculously crazy!!! Please, Don't rush it! Take your time and learn. I took my pre requisites two at a time, and am sooooooooooooo thankful that I did!!!! I am in my second semester of the RN program, and the instructors expect you to know all the A & P and micro and chem stuff, so they zoom over it and then test you on it. There have been many times when knowledge from those basic classes has come up. I really believe that I am doing so well in nursing school is because I took the time to "learn" my basics.

    good luck to you!
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    Again, Thank you for all the responses. I received my Instructors name for Psych 101 and it is NOT Dr. Rhonda Whitten. You got really lucky Bailey 1982 to get a class with little paperwork. Psych 101, to all I have talked to say its not hard just lots of work. I don't mind work but I have so much now with the other classes I don't want to put myself in a bad spot of trying to crunch it all in and failing.
    So, I have come to a conclusion to slice off a class from my schedule. It will be Psych 101 for now and I will take it in the Spring.
    I will keep my Biology, as Bailey 1982 said it is very hard to get in these classes and there are so many Biology classes still to take.
    Matilda 123, Thank you also, I felt I had too much on my plate but the advisors gave me these classes so I did not question it at first. I got to looking at it and started to realize, oh no, I can't do all this and do a good job.

    I really do appreciate all the help from all the above responses, it was much needed to make a good decision. Everyone helped... Thank you!!!!

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