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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of... Read More

  1. by   Soccermang21
    I applied for Spring 2013, but I haven't heard anything yet. Benm93 are you applying again? Did you get any feedback on your application? I'm assuming with 300 applicants that I'm most likely not going to get in, but I plan on reapplying until I do haha.
  2. by   zoidberg
    i am not sure, but i think if you are out of state it may be harder, i know the med school only has a few slots for out of state people, but im not sure about nursing. Im not reapplying this time around, and no, they didnt say what i could do to improve.
  3. by   kreino
    I have applied under normal admission for the Spring 2013 term. I haven't heard anything back, but coincidentally, a woman that works with me applied for early admission and got in... she found out on 9/18. Is there anyone who has applied in the past and can tell me how long they take to send normal admission acceptance/denial letters? IT IS KILLING ME TO WAIT! Thanks
  4. by   lycojess
    Hey all! I applied for the Spring 2013 semster and have yet to hear anything. Anyone else???
  5. by   SouthernBell18
    Decisions have been made for Spring 2013- letters are going out soon. You can call to find out if you were accepted. I was accepted!
  6. by   SouthernBell18
    You can call now to find out if you were accepted
  7. by   wall0509
    I also applied for the spring class. SouthernBell may I ask what your stats were?
  8. by   bowloftomatoes
    I just called and found out that I was accepted as an alternate. Does anyone know what this means or what the likelihood of getting accepted off the alternate list is?
  9. by   wall0509
    I just found out I am an alternate as well.
  10. by   kce32305
    Congratulations to all accepted and chosen as alternates. The program is very competitive so that is a great accomplishment. I have classmates that applied multiple times before being accepted so for those who didn't get in this time around, try again! I am in the program now and am happy to answer any questions anyone may have. Congrats again guys!
  11. by   Chnc13

    I have free housing available to me at Edisto Island. My question is, do you think a 45-1 hour drive to and from MUSC too much while doing the program???
  12. by   kce32305
    Hi chnc13..Personally, that much driving each day would really get to me, but I think it depends on the person. I can tell you that on nights when you're up until 1 or 2 (or 3!) doing meds and careplans, you'll really wish you lived closer because sleep will become so precious. However, everyone does what they have to do. If you can save money living there (which is another important consideration!), and its a great study environment, it may not be so bad.
  13. by   Minnie13
    Did anyone apply who had 3 credits in Microbiology? For whatever reason my school did not offer 4 credits and I wonder if that will prevent me from applying.

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