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I recently applied for priority admission to the Fall 2013 Accelerated Nursing Program at MUSC. I started this thread to makej contact with anyone else that may have applied priority or is planning on applying regular admission... Read More

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    I got the big white envelope...I was pretty surprised. But for all that care...I graduated College of Charleston with a BS in Marine Biology, but my GPA was only a 3.4. I volunteered here and there at Hollings cancer center...probably at most 30 hours. I took two years off since graduating, but I worked as an EMT for charleston county and a private ambulance service for those two years. I truly think having a degree and working with patients those two years got me in. I finished up a few prereqs at trident and they transferred right over, which saved me a bit of money too. Good luck to everyone else, don't give up or get discouraged, it will all work out!

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    @jnlaw, sorry to hear that you didn't get in, but at least we all will be in a nursing program soon. It's just going to take a year longer to pursue my bsn afterwards. I'm just happy that we all have the advantage of getting our foots in the door, because so many people are struggling to make it into a nursing program. My email address is, and I'll be happy to keep in contact. See you in the fall!
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    @babygurl thanks! It's ok. Like you said at least we got into a program and will be starting this year. I already have B.S. and a M.A. and am a licensed mental health! I think getting this Associates will be just fine at least for now. See you in the Fall and ill be in touch!
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    Congrats to all that got into a program. @ml52789 I got my BBA in International Business. And yes Trident's other CNA option is really good. I really learned a lot and the clinicals were an eye opener and very much enjoyed the experience.
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    I was put on the alternate list. Does anyone know what the chances are of getting accepted from the wait list?
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    Did any other hopefuls get in?? I got feedback on my application, and she told me the only thing I was missing was volunteer hours-- everything else was good so I know what I'll be doing on my weekends now!

    Did any out of state applicants get in? Apparently I'm considered out of state because my husband is military, and they only allow 10 out of state applicants in each semester.

    Good luck to all you fall 2013 BSN hopefuls; hopefully I'll see you in passing in the spring if I get in!
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    Okay, for all of those future/current RN students that are going to Trident Technical College. I will let you in on a little secret that Trident Tech is not telling you about... I graduated in December 2011. This program is very hard, and about 25% of the original class will graduate on time. The secret is called MAGNET! Currently MUSC, Roper Hospital, St. Francis (currently holds Magnet status), VA hospital are all currently preparing for this. The problem for an ADN is in order for these hospitals to get this status 80% of your nurses have to be a BSN. It took me 6 months to find a job, I have years of hospital experience, and it is not at a hospital. Yes, there are some (very few) ADN new grads that got a job in some of these facilities, but it was because they worked there as a CNA or knew someone. There are MANY cases of ADN grads working as a CNAs in these facilities when they are an RN, waiting on a job to open up (6 months - 1 year), got passed over, and they never got hired! Please be advised go BSN if you live in the Charleston area and are planning to stay, do not waste your time. Too many ADN nurses are not getting jobs and are being passed over for BSN. Trident Tech knows all of this and they are not telling you!
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    @ ml52789 because your husband is military, you should be considered IN STATE not out of state resident. It requires you to send them a copy of his orders and something else. I talked to someone about the residency info when I was first applying.
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    @ goldilockz... Thanks for the info.... You have assisted me in my decision of going on to MUSC. I would be able to attend Trident for free but MUSC is going to cost me a butt load of money. Everyone is telling me to go to MUSC because it's an excellent school and I won't be the first nor the last with student loans. I've also heard that MUSC works with their students. I'm coming from the classroom, don't know about anyone else, but I'm going to need all the help I can get. I plan to do some volunteering at the local hospital once school lets out to get myself into the mindset of being in the hospital. Once again THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @goldilockz How long is trident's program, because I have all of my prerequisites finished? I know hospitals in Charleston are in the process of going to Magnet status. Roper, and Roper St. Francis are currently, from what I was told by the Roper St Francis hospital director, so that has me worried. I thought about applying for Charleston Southern's BSN, but don't know anyone who's been through the program. You're right, I've heard Trident ADN program is very hard, but you are prepared when going into the real world of nursing, and some hospitals will hire you as long as you'll in an BSN program, which I plan on doing straight afterwards. Thanks for the info, I may have to sacrifice not finding a job for a while, but good things come to those who wait, and it may be best for me to not be in a whole lot of debt in the near future.

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