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    I just sat down to read my renewal info that came in the mail. Little upset to find out that I cant just put down how many hours i've worked since the last renewal period. :angryfire. I have'nt done any CEUs, havent gone back to school... AND.. I'm going into work tommorow to resign. Think my boss is going to be reaaaaaaaaaaaaly happy about having to tell the board i'm competent to continue practicing? Anyway, he did it today because a co-worker stuck it under his nose for all of us, b/c none of us were aware of the change(she got her license in Aug). But shouldnt that have been somthing they would have wanted to let us know about? Or have I just missed it?

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    hello, nursestace,

    are you saying you were not aware that you needed ceus in order to renew??
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    No, it has never been a requirement for LPNs. My co-worker who got her license in August wasnt even aware of that change. I would have thought that might have been mentioned somewhere during her application for her license. Came as a shock to both of us.
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    I'm a MA nurse (RN) currently trying to get a SC licence as we are moving there in about 5 months. Am I reading this correctly? Does your boss/supervisor have to put in writing every two years to the Board of Nursing if they think your comp. to continue nursing? I realize you need CEU's. How many does SC require? MA needs 15 every two years.
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    No you can submit your application by internet. They then will choose who to audit. The ceu requirement (one of several options) is new this renewal period.

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