Interventional radiology nurses?

  1. Hi Everyone
    Live 2 hours north of NY city at a hospital and am in interventional radiology. Looking to relocate by hilton head or bluffton,sc. Doesn't seem that they are to up on this stuff or have this kind of position advertised> Are they behind times? Any job opportunities would be helpful. I know the pay is nothing what I am making her. UGHHHH.......................
    Anything to help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   P_RN
    Why limit yourself to Hilton Head or Bluffton? Charleston, Columbia Savannah are all withing range and all have large medical centers. I have no idea what they pay, or if there are positions open. Give them a call and ask.

    MUSC in Charleston would be my choice, but then I'm a fairly impressed with them after they diagnosed me last autumn.
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