Bio 210(A&P) and Bio225(Micro) at the same time difficult?

  1. I'm currently enrolled at Greenville Tech. I have only my Bio 210, 211, and 225 to finish my prereqs...Has anyone taken Bio 210(A&P) and Bio 225(Micro) at the same time? If so, is this doable? :spin:
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  3. by   P_RN
    I didn't go to school there but I found A&P easy and micro horribly difficult. Any chance you could take one online and take your time with it?
  4. by   bree4bryce
    I can honestly tell you it's what you put your mind to. I am currently taking Bio 210, Bio 211 AND Bio 225 (and human g&d) all at the same time to get these pre-req's knocked out. Although I am not taking them at the same school you are (I'm in the lowcountry) I can definitely say what you are asking can be done. FOCUS is the key, and a bu!! load of notecards.
  5. by   Skeerd08
    you are certainly an inspiration. some say it's not possible, but now i know i can do it!
  6. by   Marie-SC
    Hi, I go to York Tech and also only have Bio 210, Bio 211 and Bio 225 to go. I plan on taking Bio210 in the summer, Bio211 in the fall and Bio225 in spring 2009. When are you planning on taking them?

    I took Bio210 once before but dropped it. I guess I will have to stick it out this time. But I am really worried!

  7. by   Skeerd08
    Thanks for your comment. :wink2:

    I'm also have the same classes to complete, but I didnt want to spend another year waiting to get in. I'm 32 and I've been back to college a couple of times. At Greenville Tech there is a point system and wanted to see if I would have enough points to get in by taking both Bio 210 and Bio 225 over the summer. This way I may possibly get in by Spr 09. Nursing students apply for the program Spring : July 15-Sept 15. Summer/Fall: Dec.15-Feb 15. Either way I will take 2 Bios at the same time. I'm going to take the classes I need for BSN while I'm waiting to get in the ADN program, if I dont get accepted in Spr09.

    Thanks again
  8. by   Skeerd08
    oh yeah, i have taken bio 210 at spartanburg tech, it was extremely hard and i dropped as well. i'm skeerd as u can see by my i'm going to stick it out this time also. i wish you luck with your classes!
  9. by   cursedandblessed
    bio210 by itself then bio211 and bio 225 the same semester, some of things you learn in 210 you need for 225
  10. by   jcc1109
    WOW!!!!! You go! I couldn't even imagine taking all that at one time. If I could put my kids and husband up for adoption for about a year then maybe.....of course I want them all back when I'm done. I'm only taking BIO 211 this semester and I'm stressin' on how I'm going to do my studies as well as 5th grade, 1st grade, and K-4. You must be very organized and disciplined.
  11. by   pawashrn
    approach the situation as a do-able thing and you should obtain your goal. As in the aforementioned posting, some of what you will need in 225, you will learn in 210. Therefore, you may find yourself cross-referencing and this can be a headache. It is all in the approach and keep base with your counselor and the teachers they are a great resource. But do it before there is a problem.
  12. by   salenna
    I found 210 and 211 to be easy am just finishing 211 this week with A's in both classes however, my classmates that took summer 211 and micro225 together this summer have me scared out of my wits about 225 which I start in 2 weeks. Anything is do-able if you set your mind to it!

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