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What types of jobs can I get in this area? I had hoped to do hospital work for the benefits/shift options/advancement opportunities (want to go on for my RN) but it doesnt seem like there are any hospitals using LPNs anymore. I... Read More

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    thank you so much for the encouragement

    My husband's job in Horry Cty is really fantastic, enough that we're living in SC just for his job (my family is in Fla and I miss them terribly)

    Good luck with your career. How interesting that we have the same GIS/Nurse dynamics

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    Hello everyone...I was wondering if anyone could help me with info on salary for new grad LPNs in the Charleston, Columbia, Sumter, and/or Florence area. My husband and I have decided to move to SC and I was trying to find out what the job market and salary is in these areas. Any info on any type of healthcare setting would be appreciated. It doesn't matter if it's the hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hsopice, you name it I welcome all info...Thanks!
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    It really depends on where you work, a hospital could start you off around 12/hr but a nursing home could start around 20, not sure about Dr''s office, but that is in the Columbia are, not sure about the other areas..
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    Thanks sahm02. I appreciate any info that is offered and if you could think of anything else that would be helpful to me I would appreciate it as well. Again, thank you so much.
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    Once you decide which area you are going to move to then you can narrow down hospitals etc. There are four major hospitals in the Columbia area alone,along with urgent care faclities etc. So picking an area will really help in your search.
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    I'm still just a student, but the small rural hospitals in my area are paying LPNs really well (they are also desperate for nurses). The numbers I've heard from LPNs working there are $19 to $21 p/hr depending on area. The LPNs have a full workload there and a lot of autonomy from what I saw at clinicals (up to 5-6 patients) and it seems like a nice work environment. PM me if you want details.

    (I have no idea why they are paying so well, but while I havent had a job offer to confirm it, a classmate who's mom works there is already set to start working there after graduation and more than one prior student from former years of the program are working there and have said as much)

    *this is something I've learned since I posted on this thread last
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    missjennmb - i know this post is very old, but i am interested in your story. i am just taking the beginning steps in becoming an LPN and im a little scared. im wondering after 3 years - where are you in your career now?? how did it all turn out? ive never been in the nursing field before and im not sure where to start. hope all is well.
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    Hi SC LPN's I know this thread is older but....... I plan on moving to Charleston area soon from Massachusetts. I am an LPN. I also hold esthetician and massage therapy licenses. Can I get a sound off on:
    Your LPN salary
    Type of facility you work in
    What is the scene like for new grad LPN?
    What chance with esthetic license & LPN license I have of working in Derm, plastic, cosm, medspa environment?

    Would mean alot to get updated info on this thread. Thanks! :redpinkhe

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