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I am looking for any helpful hints or information about Aiken Technical College's RN program. I see lots of info for Columbia and the coastal areas but only two threads for the whole SC thread. Any... Read More

  1. by   stopthepenguins6
    I wanted to add a little update to my last post: If you look at the ATC nursing application, on the last page of it, you have the spreadsheet with the possible points you can earn from the classes you take, etc. If you look at the very bottom, it shows that you get a point for being a CNA. So it actually Does help you now on your application. Just figured I would clear that up for whoever it was that originally had asked .
  2. by   Nurse Mami
    That's really interesting and definitely new. I wonder if they'll start out giving points for being a MA, since their training is also related. I still don't think that one point is going to make a huge difference if you have the right grades/GPA/TEAS score. I certainly don't think that dishing out the $$$ for CNA school/certification is worth it just for getting an extra point on the application. Now, if you already have it, it's a whole different deal!
  3. by   stopthepenguins6
    Well, I was looking around on this website a few days ago, and saw a couple people had mentioned on different threads that their school had gone to requiring CNA before entrance to the nursing program, so I wonder if that's something that's going to become more common? I'm not too worried about it, I'm in it for the experience, not for the point lol, but seeing other people say the same thing combined with my instructor having said ATC may be going towards the same thing just made me wonder if it really is going to happen. Kinda strange, but I guess that could be a way to weed out the people who don't belong in the nursing program in the first place?
  4. by   1nurseoncall
    Hey, everyone I'm glad to see students from ATC representing on this blog. I hope to start the LPN to RN bridge program in Jan 2010. I'm not sure what last 2 semester classes are because I couldn't find any info on ATC website. I also wondered does anyone have any good advise or encouragement about maintaining a high grade point avg. being that the grade scale is so high! I'm a bit concerned about the grading scale and teachers. I would also like to know if anyone has taken any class online once in the program and from which instructors. I would also like to know if anyone has advice on which instructors to take for which class and any helpful study material I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. by   ShortStackRN
    Unfortunately, there are no online nursing courses at ATC. You will be in lecture and clinical probably 4 days a week for most of the semester. If you are in the bridge program, you will be taking NUR 265 (MedSurg2) and NUR 212 (Pedatric) your first semester and NUR 267 (MedSurg Review/Leadership) and NUR 214 (Psych) your second. I am currently a 3rd semester ADN student, finishing up!!! Next semester is the LAST semester!! WOOHOO!!! The only advice I can give you for keeping that GPA up is to study study study. What helps me the most reading the chapters, doing the questions in the study guide companions for the text books, Saunders NCLEX review questions, and the NCLEX practice questions provided on the website for the text book. The best way I have found to study for these tests is to first learn the material, then learn how to answer questions based on what you have learned. It's the critical thinking part in these classes that will get ya! Good luck!!! Let us know when you start and what you think!!
  6. by   P_RN
    Late getting back here sorry: WHat I meant was that USC-A dropped their ADN and ATC picked it up .
  7. by   W8606
    Hello, What version of the teas test does aiken tech college use ? Can you recommend a study guide to prepare for it. Thank you
  8. by   lilsis77
    Aiken Tech is only place I would recommend to an enemy I really really hate. A new dean started when I started in jan '10 and the program has fallen apart. there is no longer a 98% pass rate but it is still pretty because only maybe 1/3 of the class makes it out. Known cheaters were allowed to graduate while the honest people were left out in the cold. There were grade adjustments done in which no one could provide any evidence in how they were done. They ar every shady over there.

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