Aiken Tech Students Apply for 2012 Fall Admissions

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    Are there any other Aiken Tech students getting ready to apply for the Fall 2012 addmissions?
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    moved to the sc nursing programs forum
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    I am applying for fall admission. Do you know when we will know if we got in or not?
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    I have a 31 on the application, what was yours?
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    My adviser told me today that we should know something by July 1st
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    I also applied, and am very nervous. Can't wait to find out. Good luck to all of you!
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    Someone had said that the school planned on sending the letters out yesterday. I really hope they did!
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    I checked my mail this evening, still no word. Has any one else heard any thing
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    Not yet. Hopefully today or tomorrow though.
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    Nothing here either. Hope to hear something next week!

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