ADN programs in SC?

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    Im wondering how many students does Greenville Tech, Aiken Tech, Spartanburg Community College, and Central Carolina Tech accept into their nursing programs. Also I have been trying to find out if Aiken Tech has a wait list for their nursing program. I was trying to ask one of the staff when I called there and they said they didnt know and then they put me on hold and I was on hold forever. Im just kind of freaking out about applying for a nursing program since I failed College Algebra once and Im retaking it this summer. Im worried I wont have enough points on the weighted Admssion sheets. Im going to apply in the Fall of this year to the colleges above. Thanks for any information you can give me!

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    I'm planning on applying to Aiken Tech, too. I spoke with someone in their nursing department who told me there was no waitlist, the most qualified (according to the points system) applicants are accepted, and the slate is wiped clean for the next semester. I'm worried about points, too. There are many things I can't get points on (BA or Masters, LPN, Aiken Tech credits, Aiken residency, etc.) but I'm going to try!
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    Greenville Tech accepts 30 students 7 times per year, I believe. I know that if you're unsure about having enough points to get into ADN program, you can apply to LPN program and get in that way. They accept 25% of students from LPN applicants, and 75% from ADN applicants. That's how I plan to get in.
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    Piedmont Tech in greenwood doesnt have a waiting just have to be program ready...meanin having all your prereq, high SAT or ACT score or already a college grad....

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