Who uses the restroom in your office? - page 3

Hiiiiiii! So I'm having a bit of an issue, but wanted to consult with the pros first. Two things: first, who uses the restrooms in your office? And second, who else has keys to your office? ... Read More

  1. by   lvnforschool
    These 2 things are my petpeeves!
    1- keys situation ( All AD-min and office staff)
    2- bathroom in my office (EVERY ONE)
    I used to have the learning director surprise me every morning when I wen't to unlock my office door. She would sometimes just be standing in my office... Creepy!
    2- My bathroom really should be for sick kids, but I have the boys coming up when they vandalise the outside bathroom, and need somewhere to go.
  2. by   tonih79
    I am very happy that the union contract states that the restroom in nurse office is for student who are being taken care of at that time. I had an issue with a class across the hall sending students to use my restroom instead of them going 4 doors down to the the main restroom my first year I let it slide my 2nd year I enforced the rule. (I found out that she had a restroom in the class but she didn't want them using it:***:. Im k -6 close to 400 students I actually check the restroom after each student. I got tooooooooooo many surprises when I waited.