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Hi everybody, It seems as if the parents at my school don't understand when they should keep their kids home from school. So I have decided to make a flyer for the parents to remind them. I will... Read More

  1. by   Flare
    it astounds me when the same parents that balk at keeping their children home 24 until they are 24 hours fever free are often the same parents that will pull their children out of school for a week long vacation in Florida - and then will complain that they can't keep their child home because they've already had too many absences... When i was a kid we only took trips when school wasn't in session!
  2. by   NutmeggeRN
    Love this Flare!!!! so stinking true~~~
  3. by   bleemadden
    Our school allows 10 'parent decision' absences and the system gets overwritten for health if it's a 24 hour case. Quite frankly, 10 absences is way too many! Our school district posts the next year's school calendar halfway through the current year...parents know when they have time to take vacations. If your child has school on a certain day and is in compliance with our health policies, they need to be in school. I understand emergencies, funerals, etc, but leisure is not a reason to miss school. As it has been said before, parents love keeping kids out if it benifits them but never follow the 24hr rule. I made 24hr passes for kiddos that I send home. Parents have to bring the child in to me upon returning to school so that I can check temps and give them the OK to return. I make teachers aware to look out for the '24 Hour Pass' from kids. If the kiddo is back at school after being sent home and doesn't have the pass, they get sent right back to me and I send them back home. (Just an FYI for parents, if one call where you had to come get your child makes you upset, two calls won't be any better!) If the parents ignore the 24hr rule 3 times, they are reported for neglecting their child's healthcare needs. Knowing this keeps most of my parents in check!