What do you consider the School Nurse's Role in the case of allergies?

  1. I am asking because of a situation in my school. We have several kids with food allergies. I have complete allergy histories, Epi pens, bendryl etc in my office and have trained the staff in their rooms on the use of an epi pen but how far does the school nurse's role go?

    Do you figure out all the logistics of field trips, where they can/cannot eat and how to figure it into the day?

    Do you call mom or the allergist if there's something questionable they may be doing in science class? If mom doesn't know if it's questionable do you call the dr or ask mom to do it?

    I'm a say yes type of person and always want to help others but lately I feel like I may be making things too easy and saying yes to things that really aren't my responsibilty. So what do you consider your responsiblities with food allergies, what falls on the teacher and what falls on the parent?

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  3. by   Flare
    My job is to be aware of the allergy, maintain paperwork, epipen, staff trainings etc. A field trip required me to pull that student's epipen and entrust it to the delegated staff. Food concerns, meals on trips and things like that regarding school trips falls on the parent to coordinate.
    Meals at school are also beween the parent and food services. Students at my grade levels are middle schoolers and are capable of making proper food choices... though we have a safety feature in the food service computer that pops up a generic allergy warning based on data i input into the system.
    Teachers have the responsibility to be aware of health concerns in their classes. I am responsible to make that information available - however, due to privacy laws, I cannot just write up a school wide list and email it to the staff.
  4. by   100kids
    thanks Flare! Just what I thought. I am the new guy and they're willing to let me do all the things they don't want to, both the parent and the teacher. Will have to work on that.