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Thank you gift for a school nurse?

  1. 0 I am a nursing student in my peds/OB semester. One thing we have to do is spend a day with a school nurse. I went to the high school of my son's school district and the main nurse for the district arranged for me to spend a day (next friday) with one of the elementry school nurses. I am going to write her a thank you card for her time, but I would also like to give her a small gift. Was thinking maybe just a giftcard, but was wondering if any school nurses had any better suggestions on something that would be a nice small gift. Thanks
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    Here are some ideas from a recent thread:
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    While we always appreciate the great comments on a beautiful card, a dunkin donut gift card ranks VERY HIGH on my list!!! need coffee to get through the morning and greatly appreciated. No coffee mugs, no cute clipboards, no med book,