Student with Neurofibromatosis

  1. A student showed up in my high school clinic - history of neurofibromatosis, asthma - no one informed me it was his first day back from another school. There was no inhaler, action plan etc. I had to call the squad due to his pain, breathing, etc. Any insights, experiences to share? Thanks! You guys are awesome!
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  3. by   MHDNURSE
    So to clarify, this is a NEW student to your school? I would contact the parents, ask them for all his medical info, perhaps his previous school has an IHP they can send? That stinks for you- I hate surprises.
  4. by   verdeacres
    No, he has been a student here, transferred back from a tech school. I am new. I looked through his health info after sending him off with the squad. I also called the school nurse at the technical school for her input. He does have a 504, which is helpful. I wish someone would have given me a heads up.